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Your Web-programming Assistant

Program for design and architecture.

It is now a widely known fact that programming pays. Take a clue from the likes of the Mighty Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the Fascinating Facebook inventor Mark Zurkerberg (sorry, can’t spell that but that doesn’t really matter. His rich! That’s the point.) . Programming language has come to stay and tapping from this great opportunity is what every smart young kid must do to survive in their economy.

Knowing programming language is just the first step in actually achieving your dreams and aspirations. You also need to have ideas and also they must be backed by principles which you must have. As your web-programming assistant, I shall guide you through this task ahead of you.

On this journey to greatness, you might choose to create interesting and mindboggling websites for yourself and for people also, or settle for the easy path of running a wonderful and mysteriously captivating blog, that will eventually become host to a multiple number of visitors and traffic.

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Get gists and tips while u learn one of the most simplest and basic programming languages used in web design and development today.

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Have u got issues? Yeah everyone has also. So come over to the css blog and get most, if not all of your problems solved(programming-wise).

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Wow! now u have started your journey as a programmer but yet you are getting confused. Its normal. Learning JavaScript as your first programming language will change the way you think. Get help here anytime.

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~I am pleased to introduce myself .~


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Alive! Yes you are, alive. Being alive entails a lot of things to the 21th Century Modern Man. Without Electricity and Food, Chicken to be precise The Modern Man will be dull and bored. He may argue that, that’s a lie! But it all plays out without his permission, i.e. in his subconscious.

Hence the need for alive-wire and alive-fowl,

Alive-Wire will fill you in on the alternative ways in this modern era of having sustainable electricity in our homes, offices or on the go. You find new technologies that you cannot resist. Yet the decision is yours to get them to improve your electrical needs.

As alive-wire does the above,

Alive-Fowl gives you an insight into the Modern methods (again) on how to grow and cultivate fowls otherwise known as Poultry, as just a simple means of earning more money and income in this our collapsing economy.

Even as you play and program with your computers in this our Period of Existence, I will advice that we also take the time out to get into the field and also play with the soil.

I Hope You Have a Great Time Here, Enjoy!


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Yeah! This can be really painful. You are enjoying ur sweet television show and at its climax NEPA (as we Nigerians call it) decides to do their official work which is to give blackout (and then we shout down Neey).
Jump on the train and get electricity hacks. Get solutions to your lightning problems here. Find other ways of providing light for yourself and your family as well.

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Yes. My lifestyle. I love to rear fowl. Do you also? If so click below on the link to get first hand experience on the ways and techniques of cultivating chickens for optimum and maximum production.

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